I was born in Rome on July 15, 1987. I studied Art at the A. Caravillani Art School in Rome and graduated as Illustrator at the International School of Comics.

I privately studied piano and composition, and specialized in Computer Graphics techniques, graduating as Autodesk Certified Professional.

I have always written, painted, composed music and I’m passionate about new technologies. I know pictorial and digital techniques, I compose for orchestra and got skills on Concept Art, Digital Sculpting and Level Design for videogames.

The project The Wild Spirits is the set of my attitudes, conveyed in a great multimedia experiment, which includes writing, graphics, music and interactivity.

Sono nato a Roma il 15 luglio del 1987. Ho studiato Arte al Liceo Artistico A. Caravillani di Roma e mi sono diplomato in Illustrazione alla Scuola Internazionale di Comics.

Ho studiato privatamente pianoforte e composizione e mi sono specializzato in tecniche di Computer Grafica diplomandomi come Autodesk Certified Professional.

Da sempre scrivo, disegno, compongo musica e mi appassiono a nuove tecnologie. Conosco tecniche pittoriche e digitali, compongo per orchestra, e approfondisco Concept Art, Digital Sculpting e Level Design per videogiochi.

Il progetto Gli Spiriti Selvaggi è l’insieme delle mie attitudini, convogliate in un grande esperimento multimediale, che comprende scrittura, grafica, musica e interattività.


A description of the modern and innovative figure of the Multimedia Graphic Designer (Multimedia Artist), evolved together with modern technological and distribution possibilities of artistic products.

by Andrea De Angelis

“The Multimedia Artist is a professional figure originating from the artistic attitude of the individual, put into practice through classical and modern methods.

He/she has specific professional skills in one or more artistic sectors, acquired with classical studies or provided through new technologies, but can also be completely self-taught or trained online on artistic classical or digital methods, through online courses, also through technical documentation provided by software houses, related forums, dedicated channels on streaming platforms (whose reliability is to be verified at own discretion).

He/she deals with creating artistic products using at least two or more different Media.

He/she take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet for the distribution of its artistic products. It can work in complete self-publishing or self-production or in collaboration with external organizations, such as publishing houses, production houses, agencies, and with individual or associated collaborators for the practical and qualitative development of his/her products.

The artistic products that he/she deals with can be achieved in all their aspects by the Multimedia Artist, or together with individual or associate collaborators, but always starting from a basic idea that must be the Multimedia Artist (an example: comic book created entirely by “Multimedia Artist”, or: comic book from the original story by “Multimedia Artist”, adaptation of “collaborator”, drawings of “collaborator”).

The Multimedia Artist can use artistic media to his liking and the techniques related to them, whether classical or modern.

The Multimedia Artist takes advantage of modern technological means (such as artistic softwares for desktops, laptops, smartphones, available online, even for free, and social networks) for the creation, development and distribution of his/her artistic products.

The Multimedia Artist creates classic or innovative artistic products at his/her own discretion. He/she can use media in a classical way, in an innovative way, at its discretion. He/she can develop new means and new artistic methods or use classical means and methods in a classical way or adding elements of innovation.”